I lose track of time when trying to understand things

Regardless of whether it is a mathematical proof, documentation for a new framework, or even figuring out how to use a record player, understanding new concepts has always intrigued me, even when growing up.

This helped me to do well in school, especially in the math and sciences, but it also led me to spend a long time feeling unsure about what I wanted to do because there were just too many interesting things in the world to choose from.

Feeling uncertain, I intentionally made the decision to choose the safest option for my undergrad. However, I now realize—being curious and open to learn and understand is one of my greatest strengths.

Currently, my focus is on data science and statistics. I'm fascinated by the idea of extracting and analyzing information from data to make decisions that impact peoples' lives. Utilizing mathematics to answer important questions and finding trends and patterns is also remarkably satisfiying.

My speciality includes my passion for life-long learning, ability to tackle problems, and a breath of knowledge in various subjects. I have experience working with Python, JavaScript, and Java; frameworks such as React, Node, Tailwind, d3, and NEXT.JS.

At the moment, I am learning PyTorch and Scala.

I also share a passion for the visual arts and various hobbies. Some of my most recent hobbies are: making coffee, collecting records, and cooking.

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