Weekly 3


I've been applying to internships lately, as of now, I've applied to 15+ internships.

I hope to hear back from some places but with all honesty, my expectations are not very high, considering the current job market and how difficult it is to get a summer internship nowadays. Next year will be better because I would be well prepared, as long as I follow my goals.

Other than that, here are some progress for this week:

  1. I started taking data science and machine learning courses through Kaggle. First of all, it's free and it seems to have a lot of good content with a lot of practical element to it.

  2. I'm also trying to learn Tableau, as they also offer student licences and educational content. Also, data visualization is very important.

At this point, I've read so many documentations for a wide range of tools that I feel as if I can make use of it well after reading the documentation for a little bit.

The ease of being able to build something off by reading the documentations show the significance of proper records, which I should care about.

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