Weekly 11



In the past 2 weeks, I've spent a lot of time contemplating on what I wanted to do in the future, but more importantly why.

It's something that I've thought about during my time in the military, but it didn't feel too important back then. At that moment, I thought that after some time, and after being discharged, all my problems I had with the question of why would naturally dissolve.

Which seemed true, at least until last year. The excitement and enthusiasm of being back at school after 3 years drove my passion for studying, alongside some excellent courses, professors, and friends.

The start of this year felt a bit different. Everytime I sat down for work, I could not see the purpose of being here in Canada, being in school, and studying for courses that I don't really have a passion for.

I even did pretty horrid on my tests in the past weeks, due to my lack of attention, focus, and maybe even my inability to study properly. As I look back, I know could have done better. I guess in some ways I was quite lost.

Now, after really thinking about what I wanted to achieve and why, I feel a lot better and I am also writing it down here so that i) I will be held credible to it but also ii) everytime I feel lost, I could come back and look at what I'm working for.

Here are the goals that are actually meaningful to me and why:

  1. Financial Freedom - Spending time with people I care about is the most important to me. However, in order to make the most out of the limited time that we all have, I need to reach financial freedom first.
  2. Expertise - I want to get what I want by deserving what I want; the best way to take this into action is to be the very best at my field of work.
  3. Helping Others - I had the previlege of being able to choose my options my whole life and there are many who do not. Helping others is my responsibility.
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